Policies and Documents

Ascot Kindergarten has a range of policies and procedures in place  that govern how the service operates and ensure the kindergarten meets its moral and legal obligations to ensure the health, safety and well being of all children attending the service. The committee and staff regularly review these policies to ensure they are up to date with legislation and best practice. We welcome involvement from our parent community in developing and reviewing our policies. Please contact us or speak to a staff or committee member to be involved.

Enrolment Process

When enrolling your child at kinder you will be requested to sign a Parent Consent/Declaration on your  child’s Enrolment Form. This acknowledges that you have read the following specific policies: Fees Policy, Enrolment and Orientation Policy, Child Safe Environment Policy , Code of Conduct Policy , Privacy and Confidentiality Policy.

Parent Handbook 2021

Ascot Kindergarten Commitment to Child Safety

COVIDSafe Plan

Fee Information for Three-Year-Old Program

Fee Information for Four-Year-Old Program

Exclusion Table for Infectious Diseases

Information Sheet: Donations

AKI Acceptance and Refusal of Authorisation Policy

AKI Administration of First Aid Policy

AKI Administration of Medication Policy

AKI Anaphylaxis Policy

AKI Asthma Policy

AKI Child Safe Environment Policy

AKI Code of Conduct policy

AKI Complaints and Grievances Policy

AKI Curriculum Development Policy

AKI Dealing with Infectious Diseases Policy

AKI Dealing with Medical Conditions Policy

AKI Delivery and Collection of Children Policy

AKI Determining Repsonsible Persons policy

AKI Diabetes Policy

AKI Emergency and Evacuation Policy

AKI Emergency Management Plan

AKI Enrolment and Orientation policy

AKI Environmental Sustainability Policy

AKI Epilepsy Policy

AKI Excursions and Service Events Policy

AKI Fees policy

AKI Incident Injury Trauma and Illness Policy

AKI Inclusion and Equity policy

AKI Interactions with Children Policy

AKI Nutrition Oral Health and Active Play policy

AKI Occupational Health and Safety Policy

AKI Participation of Volunteers and Students Policy

AKI Privacy and Confidentiality Policy

AKI Road Safety And Safe Transport Policy

AKI Staffing Policy

AKI Sun Protection Policy

AKI Supervision of Children Policy

AKI Water Safety Policy

AKI Working Bee and Maintenance Policy

AKI Governance and Management of the Service

AKI Hygiene Policy

AKI Food Safety policy

AKI Relaxation and Sleep Policy

AKI Information and Communication (ICT) policy