Below is our fee information for 2020.

Four-year-old kindergarten

15 hours per week

TermFeesDue date
Term 1$540Wed 27th Nov 2019
Term 2No fee (see note below)
Term 3$540Mon 22nd Jun 2020
Term 4$540Mon 14th Sep 2020

Ascot Kinder acknowledges the support of the Victorian Government. The four-year-old kindergarten program is partly funded by the state government, with the balance of funds coming from fees paid by parents/guardians. Parents/guardians are entitled to obtain the Kindergarten Fee Subsidy if they meet one of the criteria outlined in the Fees Policy.  Families who are eligible for the Kindergarten Fee Subsidy will not be required to make fee payments. If eligibility for this subsidy lapses, then the full payment of fees is required from the beginning of the following term (please speak with the kinder Administration Officer for further information).

PLEASE NOTE: In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, the State Government has announce extra funding for sessional kindergartens such as Ascot Kindergarten. The government will be providing additional funds to kindergartens so that all students in the four-year-old kindergarten program can attend without any cost to families. If you have already paid your term two fees, Ascot Kindergarten will be in contact shortly to arrange a refund as soon as practicable.

Three-year-old kindergarten

5 hours per week

TermFeesDue date
Term 1$490Wed 27th Nov 2019
Term 2$490Mon 23rd Mar 2020
(extended to April 14)
Term 3$490Mon 22nd Jun 2020
Term 4$490Mon 14th Sep 2020

Three-year-old kindergarten is not funded by the state government, therefore concessional fees are not available.  The only exception is where a child is eligible for the Early Start Kindergarten fee subsidy. Note: Full payment of term 1 fees is required to reserve a place in the 3 year old kindergarten program. Children can only commence attending the program when they have turned three.

Further information about our fees can be found by reading our Fee Policy.