Covid-19 Response

CoVID safe commitment 
Ascot Kindergarten is committed to providing a safe environment for our students, families and staff. We hope this will give us every opportunity to stay open and continue to provide our children with the kindergarten experience they deserve. We are proud to share that we have a fully vaccinated staff. We know that one of the best ways to protect our children is to vaccinate the adults around them. We have put strategies in place to improve ventilation in our indoor spaces and utilise air purifiers. Consistent with our play-based learning philosophy and the emphasis on connection to our environment, we are spending more time outdoors with the children exploring their environment. We encourage parents and carers to please keep your children home if unwell. 

Refer to our COVIDSafe Plan for more details as well as our Infectious Diseases Policy and Emergency Management Plan.

Family Wellbeing page

This page on the Raising Children website is a great resource for families and provides:

  • ideas on how parents can communicate to children about Covid-19,
  • information on how to stay safe and well,
  • activity guides to inspire some fun playing and learning at home.

Victorian Coronavirus Updates

Check out the latest updates about coronavirus disease from the Victorian State Government.

Play based learning ideas

The Department of Education and Training have developed some suggestions for play based learning.

Tips on how to stay safe online

Resources to help you and your child understand how to be safe online. There are great resources that you can do at home with your children, working out screen time rules and what to do if a problem occurs. Helping children learn safety with the web will hopefully help them seek out solutions and ask for help.

Learning from home resources

Department of Education learning from home FUSE site.  There are some great activities and resources that parents and carers can try at home with children.