Committee Nominations

Nominations are now open!

Join our community

  • Build relationships with other parents and staff.
  • Learn more about the kinder.
  • Be actively involved in your child’s kindergarten experience.
  • Join the long line of committee members who have helped provide a great kinder service over the last 75 years!
  • Gain experience and skills working on a committee which will help in your professional and personal life.

Being a committee member will involve:

  • attending monthly meetings
  • supporting fundraising, maintenance and development opportunities for the kinder
  • reviewing policies
  • reading the monthly administration, director and treasurer reports (usually less than one page each) and be actively engaged in issues that arise from these

Community kinders are great kinders as they allow families to have real input into how the kinder operates and ensures our community has a kinder that reflects its needs. To be able to support our staff in offering a safe environment and the best learning experience for our children, our kinder relies on parent volunteers; like you!

Download a copy of our position description document for more detailed information about the roles and the responsibilities of the committee.

Download Position Descriptions

We have also included a link to a Committee Basics document published by the Early Learning Association Australia (ELAA) which provides further information.

To find out more or have a chat, contact us at and we’ll get back to you.