Kirsty Rochford

Director, Teacher of Burgundy four-year-old group

Bachelor of Early Childhood Studies, University of Melbourne

Masters in Special Education

I am the director of Ascot Kindergarten and four-year-old teacher of the Burgundy group. I started working at Ascot Kindergarten in January 2015 after spending four years at home raising my two daughters.  From 2004 -2009 I worked as director and four-year-old teacher at Yarraville Community Kindergarten where I spent six enjoyable years and completed my Masters in Special Education.  Prior to my time at Yarraville I spent two years teaching in London where I had the opportunity to travel throughout Europe.   After Graduating from The University of Melbourne I spent my early years teaching at Lady Forster Kindergarten in Port Melbourne, it was during my time there that I introduced to an indoor/outdoor program and have never looked back.  I am passionate about instilling confidence, determination, fairness, independence, happiness and self-belief in the children I teach.


Teacher of Aqua four-year-old group

I am a passionate, committed teacher with over 25 years experience. I have a strong commitment to inclusion. I embrace challenges, change and being part of an Early Childhood team. Learning with children is inspiring.  Every day I teach I am given an opportunity to embrace children’s knowledge and share wonderful new experiences.  Being part of children’s lives as a teacher is a core part of who I am.

Danielle Lockhart

Teacher of Topaz three-year-old group

Co-educator Burgundy and Aqua four-year-old group

I joined the team here at Ascot Kindergarten at the end of 2015 as a student undertaking placement and I haven’t looked back.  As our programs are driven by the children’s interests, each year is different and unique across all three groups, which makes each group exciting to work with.  As staff, we embrace each child and their families so that we can all share in a creative, positive and safe experiences throughout the year.

Janis Stomann

Co-educator of Burgundy four-year-old group

Diploma Qualified

Hello. I have been fortunate enough to work at Ascot Kindergarten since 2015. As a mum myself I passionately believe in and value the importance of kinder in every child’s learning journey. It’s such a privilege to meet and engage in meaningful relationships with each child and their families. Ascot kindergarten is so community-focused; it’s a beautiful place to learn and grow. Come join us.

Alexandra Giuffré

Co-educator of Burgundy four-year-old group

Currently completing Bachelor Degree of Early Childhood and Primary Education, Australian Catholic University

I love working with children as they encourage my own sense of imagination and creativity to prosper and thrive; they help me to encourage a more positive attitude and outlook in life. I believe children have a sense of agency and that through beneficial and holistic approaches, learning and recognising their connectedness to the world around through mind, body and spirit, they can discover their full potential. I think in upholding respect for each child, their families, cultures, traditions and values, will be invaluable for the child to feel supported throughout their learning; and in doing so, to plan with the child and their interests, from their perspective.


Co-educator of Topaz, Aqua and Burgundy groups

Diploma Qualified

I joined Ascot Kindergarten at the start of 2020 and I absolutely love it. I feel privileged to work alongside such an enthusiastic and dedicated team of staff that make Ascot Kindergarten the amazing place that it is. I am currently pursuing a Bachelors’ Degree in Early Childhood and Primary Education. My aim is to provide an inclusive and safe learning environment that will assist all children to achieve, learn and grow towards their full potential.
As an educator I believe it is vital to acknowledge that children develop differently, they have their own unique abilities, interests and learning styles. I look forward to working with you and being a part of your child’s educational journey. I am fortunate to see them grow and achieve individual milestones throughout the year.

Tara Usher

Administration Officer

Our staff members are passionate and dedicated to providing a program that is tailored to the interests and needs of each child. Each member of staff has an early childhood specific qualification, and participates in ongoing professional development. All members of staff have current First Aid Certificates (Level II) as well as training in CPR and the management of Anaphylaxis and Asthma.