National Quality Framework Assessment Rating

Our service has recently been reassessed under the National Quality Framework introduced across Australia from 2012. This assessment framework is used to assess education and care across long day care, family day care, kindergarten, and outside school hours care services.

The rating for a service is determined by assessing the service’s performance against 58 standards in seven quality areas outlined in the National Quality Standard (NQS). A copy of the standard is available on their website.

The rating for our service and what it means

We are pleased to announce that our service has received an overall rating of Meeting National Quality Standard.

The individual ratings for the seven quality areas are:
o Quality Area 1 (Educational program and practice): Meeting Standard
o Quality Area 2 (Children’s health and safety): Meeting Standard
o Quality Area 3 (Physical environment): Meeting Standard
o Quality Area 4 (Staffing arrangements): Meeting Standard
o Quality Area 5 (Relationships with children): Meeting Standard
o Quality Area 6 (Collaborative partnerships with families and communities): Meeting Standard
o Quality Area 7 (Leadership and service management): Meeting Standard

The ratings reflect the high quality education and care that our service provides. The skills, knowledge and experience of our dedicated team of staff and Committee of Management, past and present, who have worked hard over the past few of years to implement the quality framework, has made this result possible.

We are working to embed continuous quality improvement within every element of our service to maintain and improve the high standards that we have achieved.

There are five possible ratings a service could receive:
o Excellent – this rating is awarded at a national level (all others are awarded at a state level)
o Exceeding national quality standard
o Meeting national quality standard
o Working towards national quality standard
o Significant improvement required

For more information visit the Australian Children’s Education and Care Quality Authority website.