Ascot Kindergarten Statement of Philosophy

Our philosophy is based on our professional knowledge of child development and social values. The philosophy is reflected in our teaching and in the programs we offer and evolve to reflect our community.

Our Focus How we achieve this What the educators do
Children are confident, happy and engaged learners. Play is fundamental to our program. Children are encouraged to take the lead and be active participants in their own learning. Children are encouraged to identify their emotional needs. We value strong, trusting, respectful relationships with children and their families.Through play, educators encourage children to develop social skills, language, resilience and emotional intelligence. Children are empowered to share their ideas and to engage in conversations with others. Quiet areas are created to enable children to fulfil their emotional needs.
Children are capable, curious and independent. Our emerging curriculum encourages freedom of thought and is inspired by children’s ideas and interests. Children are encouraged to plan, implement and complete projects whilst focusing on and valuing the process, rather than the final product. All children are encouraged to explore, create, problem-solve, collaborate and imagine. We support risk-taking which allows children to test, push and re-define their own boundaries as their abilities develop. Students are encouraged to make independent decisions about their time at kinder, including eating when they are hungry. A variety of indoor and outdoor experiences are provided to cater for each child’s current interests and developmental needs. We incorporate intentional teaching and child-led learning into our practice to allow for all learning styles and we recognise special and additional needs. Educators use open-ended questions to promote children’s thinking skills and extend learning opportunities in their play. Educators understand each child’s strengths and abilities and support risk taking. Educators understand children’s interests and document them in a way that best suits the community.
Children’s rights are respected and advocated for by educators. All children are listened to and respected. All children’s developmental needs are catered for. Families are encouraged to be involved in program decisions. We are committed to the safety of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders and the safety, participation and empowerment of all children.Educators will support families with specific needs through referral to relevant specialist organisations. Educators will work with a variety of Early Years professionals who enrich our capacity to provide an inclusive program. Educators will ensure ‘child safe’ knowledge is current and adhered to.
Children come from diverse backgrounds and communities. We respect and value the cultural diversity of our community. We value connections within our local community. We acknowledge the importance of educators and families working together to facilitate the learning journey of each child both at kinder and at home. We acknowledge the varying language and communication needs that our families have. We encourage families and children to share their interests, values, culture and celebrations at kinder. We promote opportunities for local partnerships and explore our community through regular local walks. Educators foster relationships with families by being approachable, making time and encouraging communication with caregivers. We make use of translation services to support communication.
Children will respect their environment and the land we live on. We encourage children to be responsible for looking after their learning environment. We aim to follow sustainable practices. We educate children on First Australian culture and show respect to the Wurundjeri people, the traditional custodians of the land on which we learn and play. We use sustainable resources and practices e.g. worm farming, recycling, growing vegetables and herbs. We make an Acknowledgement to Country in the classroom, at kinder events and in digital spaces. We integrate indigenous culture and resources within our program.